Made of virgin grade FEP fluoropolymer, APFRC is overbraided with a tightly-woven fabric and double spiral steel wire to dramatically enhance it's pressure-carrying capability. It's extremely smooth core offers excellent chemical resistance and is USP Class VI approved. An outer jacket of EPDM rubber provides enhanced durability and seals the hose against dirt, chemicals, or other external damage.

APFRC is now available in a more flexible version. APFRC-W-FLX offers the same physical properties as the original version, however, a noticeable difference is seen in larger I.D. sizes in tight-fitting applications where added flexibility is required.

Key Features
  • Offers a smooth, non-stick interior for unrestricted fluid flow
  • FEP core is USP Class VI approved and complies with FDA and USDA standards
  • Resistant to kinking and chafing
  • Rated for either pressure or full vacuum (29.9 in./Hg.) applications
  • General temperature range: -40ºF (-40ºC) to 300ºF (148ºC)
  • Sterilizable/autoclavable (maximum internal steam temperature: 300ºF at 50 psi)
  • APFRC is not to be used for continuous steam applications
  • Outer rubber jacket resists rot, ozone, radiation, and environmental exposure
  • The FEP core imparts no taste or odor to critical streams
  • Long lengths available - up to 100 ft. (30.5 m)
  • Documented lot traceable
  • Documented quality control
  • Full line of 316L stainless steel sanitary fittings meeting 3-A standards and ASME/BPE specifications available; hose assemblies available through local authorized AdvantaPure fabricating distributors
  • Add stainless steel armor casing or cuffs for an extra layer of protection from crushing, kinking, harsh environments, and abrasion while still allowing flexibility
  • Custom lengths, sizes, white covered hose, private branding, and/or packaging available upon request
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Item #



Working Pressure @ 70ºF (21.1ºC)

Burst Pressure @ 70ºF (21.1ºC)

Min. Bend Radius


APFRC-W-FLX-0500 N/A 0.500 in12.70 mm N/A 0.97 in24.64 mm N/A 500 psi34.46 bar N/A 2000 psi137.90 bar N/A 1.5 in38.1 mm N/A 0.32 lbs/ft
APFRC-W-FLX-0750 N/A 0.75 in19.05 mm N/A 1.27 in32.26 mm N/A 500 psi34.46 bar N/A 2000 psi137.90 bar N/A 2.5 in63.5 mm N/A 0.48 lbs/ft
APFRC-W-FLX-1000 N/A 1.000 in25.40 mm N/A 1.48 in37.59 mm N/A 400 psi27.58 bar N/A 1600 psi110.32 bar N/A 3 in76.2 mm N/A 0.57 lbs/ft
APFRC-W-FLX-1500 N/A 1.50 in38.10 mm N/A 2.04 in51.82 mm N/A 350 psi24.13 bar N/A 1400 psi96.53 bar N/A 4.5 in114.3 mm N/A 0.89 lbs/ft
APFRC-W-FLX-2000 N/A 2.0 in50.80 mm N/A 2.54 in64.52 mm N/A 300 psi20.70 bar N/A 1200 psi82.70 bar N/A 7 in177.8 mm N/A 1.22 lbs/ft
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