Pharmaline N AS Grade is an essential requirement in applications where there is the risk of an electrostatic charge build-up on the inside surface of the PTFE tube which may then discharge through the tube wall. Media passing through which create such a risk are fluids which have a Conductance of less than 10-8 S/m (Siemens per Meter), or 10+4 pS/m such as fuels, solvent, freons, some WFI (ultra-pure “Water for injection”) and non-polar organics which are being transferred at a medium to high flow velocity.

All twin or multi-phase media, any non-mixing media, such as powder in air, or water droplets in steam, in gases or in oil, also colloidal fluids constitute a particular hazard for static charge generation, and always required grade AS.

Materials & Specifications

Pharmaline N AS Grade hose has a black anti-static PTFE liner manufactured from FDA 21 CFR 177,1550 approved PTFE, and less than 2.5% of “high purity” Carbon Black material to FDA requirement 21 CFR 178,3297 and European Commission Directive 2007/19/EC. AS Grade also conforms to the requirements of USP Class VI, at 37°C (99°F), 70°C(158°F) and 121°C(250°F).