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Internally Expanded Permanent Couplings (Scovill Style)

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Brass internally expanded permanent couplings are recommended for discharge and suction service. Commonly used in the transfer of fuel to homes, airplanes, ships, etc. The working pressure of the 520-H fitting varies with the size of the fitting, the size and construction of the hose and the media being conveyed. Consult the factory for recommendations. Dixon Holedall stems and ferrules are specifically designed to be used together as a coupling system.

Both the male and female have octagonal facets for tightening with a wrench. The female in 1 1/2" and larger sizes has lugs for tightening. The stem is expanded to nominal ID of hose for a rigid, uniform, full-flow area.

  • Male and female stems are machined from bar stock or solid brass forgings; ferrules are available in brass and stainless steel.
  • Couplings are compact, light and streamlined to eliminate catching on curbs and shrubs.
  • The H520 fittings are designed for internal expansion only.
  • Couplings are pre-lubricated for assembly.
  • Hand and electrically operated installation equipment is available. Consult factory for pricing and availability.
Note: The fittings on this page are intended for fuel delivery service.

Safety Alert: Do not interchange with other manufacturer's fittings.

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Item #

Hose ID



H5191-BU 3/4 in Female NPSH Brass
H5192 3/4 in Male NPT Brass
H5212NST 1 in Male NST Brass
H5211-A-BU 1 in Female NPSH Brass
G5212 1 in Victaulic Groove Brass
H5211NST 1 in Female NST Brass
H5212-A 1 in Male NPT Brass
H5221-A-BU 1-1/4 in Female NPSH Brass
H5222-A 1-1/4 in Male NPT Brass
H5272 1-3/8 in Male NPT Brass
H5271-BU 1-3/8 in Female NPSH Brass
H5231NST 1-1/2 in Female NST Brass
H5231-A-BU 1-1/2 in Female NPSH Brass
G5232 1-1/2 in Victaulic Groove Brass
H5232NST 1-1/2 in Male NST Brass
H5232-A 1-1/2 in Male NPT Brass
H5241-BU 2 in Female NPSH Brass
H5242 2 in Male NPT Brass
G5242 2 in Victaulic Groove Brass
H5252 2-1/2 in Male NPT Brass
H5251 2-1/2 in Female NPSH Brass
G5252 2-1/2 in Victaulic Groove Brass
H5261 3 in Female NPSH Brass
H5262 3 in Male NPT Brass
  Results 1 - 24 of 24 1