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Industrial Hose Fittings, Couplings & Clamps

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Type C Global Cam & Groove Couplers

Crimp Style Domestic Cam & Groove

Global Type D Coupler

Cam & Groove Fittings

King Crimp Fittings

Global Cam and Groove


Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Boss Clamp

Shank/Water Fittings



Air Fittings Main

Primary Holdall

Boss Male Stem Stainless

Air Fittings

Holedall Fittings

Boss Fittings

Brass Items Master

Dry Break Cam & Groove adapter x female NPT

ST Series Snap-Tite Interchange Coupler (Female Threads)

Brass Fittings

Dry Disconnect Fittings

Quick Couplings

Sanitary Fittings Master

Sanitary Fittings