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Clamps for IXH Raised End (California Style) Stems

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Cast steel clamps for fast assembly when connecting heavy-duty raised end fittings used for concrete. These clamps can be used to connect the ends of pipes or hoses which use the Raised End or California style fittings listed above. Shipped with double lipped gasket and safety pin. All sizes are painted green. Clamp should only be used with safety pin in place.

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Item #

Hose ID


IXHCG150 1-1/2 in Buna-N Gaskets
IXHC150 1-1/2 in Steel Clamps
IXHC200 2 in Steel Clamps
IXHCG200 2 in Buna-N Gaskets
IXHCG250 2-1/2 in Buna-N Gaskets
IXHC250 2-1/2 in Steel Clamps
IXHC300 3 in Steel Clamps
IXHCG300 3 in Buna-N Gaskets
IXHC400 4 in Steel Clamps
IXHCG400 4 in Buna-N Gaskets
IXHCG500 5 in Buna-N Gaskets
IXHC500 5 in Steel Clamps
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1