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Boss Washer Seal

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Washer Type

  • A Klingersil® C-4401 washer is inserted between the stem and spud.
  • A leakproof seal is formed by rotating the wing nut and hammering it tight.
  • Recommended for steam service up to 450ºF
  • Easy to seal
  • Works with existing fittings
  • Plated steel and / or iron
  • Use with Boss clamps

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Item #

Hose Shank x NPT



WMC N/A 3/8 in Male Spud
CC N/A 3/8 in Female Spud
WBC N/A 3/8 in Washer
WM3 N/A 1/2 in Male Spud
B3 N/A 1/2 in Female Spud
W2 N/A 1/2 in Washer
DB3 N/A 1/2 in Double Spud
WM8 N/A 3/4 in Male Spud
B8 N/A 3/4 in Female Spud
W12 N/A 3/4 in Washer
DB13 N/A 3/4 in Double Spud
WM13 N/A 1 in Male Spud
B13 N/A 1 in Female Spud
W12 N/A 1 in Washer
DB13 N/A 1 in Double Spud
DB23 N/A 1-1/4 in Double Spud
W17 N/A 1-1/4 in Washer
B18 N/A 1-1/4 in Female Spud
WM18 N/A 1-1/4 in Male Spud
WM23 N/A 1-1/2 in Male Spud
DB23 N/A 1-1/2 in Double Spud
W17 N/A 1-1/2 in Washer
B23 N/A 1-1/2 in Female Spud
WM28 N/A 2 in Male Spud
B28 N/A 2 in Female Spud
  Results 1 - 25 of 65 1 2 3