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Industrial & Chemical Hose Products

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Air & Multipurpose Hose Main

Dry Bulk Discharge

CHEMCAT Corrugated Petrochemical

Air and Multipurpose Hose

Cement, Plaster, and Grout Hose

Chemical Transfer Hose

LION Food Transfer

Dry Bulk Discharge

Oilfield Suction

Food and Beverage Transfer Hose

Material Handling Hose

Oil and Gas Exploration Hose

Heavy Duty Petroleum/Oil Suction & Discharge

H0372 Hot Tar & Asphalt


Petroleum Hose

Specialty Hose

Steam Hose

Water & Suction Discharge

Heavy Duty Water Suction and Discharge Hose


Water Hose

Suction/ Discharge Hose

Thermoplastic Industrial Hose


Petroleum and Steam Transfer Hose

Flexcoil® Polyurethane Air Hose (PR532-10)

Duct and Blower Hose

Biodiesel and Ethanol Transfer Hose

Coilhose Pneumatics Coiled Hose

Support Clamps, Protective Coil, Abrasion Sleeve and Firesleeve

Series RT Medium Duty Spring Retractable Hose Reels

Hose Protection Accessories and Support Clamps

Hose Reels & Accessories