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Chemical Transfer Hose

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CHEMCAT Corrugated Petrochemical

Corrugated UHMW-PE Suction & Discharge

COUGAR Corrugated

H0599 CHEMCAT Corrugated Petrochemical


EHC005 Corrugated UHMW-PE Suction & Discharge


H0661 COUGAR Corrugated



TIGER Chemical Suction & Discharge

LEOPARD Chemical Discharge



H0345 TIGER Chemical and Suction Discharge


H0346 LEOPARD Chemical Discharge



Stallion Acid-Chemical Hose

composite hose

H1942 NYALL Hose


Stallion® Acid-Chemical Hose


Composite Hose

Chemical Spray Hose and Transfer Hose

Paint Fluid Transfer Hose

4700 UHMW

Chemical Spray and Transfer Hose

Paint Spray Transfer Hose

4700 UHMW Chemical and Suction Discharge Hose


4704 UHMWP

4705 UHMW

4710 UHMW

4704 Corrugated UHMWP Chemical and Suction Discharge Hose


4705 UHMW Crush and Kink Resistant Chemical Hose


4710 UHMW Chemical Suction and Discharge Hose


4800/4878 Viton Suction

4801/4879 Viton Discharge

4800/4878 Viton® Acid Suction Hose


4801/4879 Viton® Acid Discharge Hose