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Food and Beverage Transfer Hose

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LION Food Transfer

Liquid Food Suction & Discharge

Flat Corrugated Alcohol Suction & Discharge

H0350 LION Food Transfer


EHF002 Liquid Food Suction and Discharge


EHF021 Flat Corrugated Alcohol Suction and Discharge

Softwall Potable Water Discharge

Creamery/Packaging Washdown


EHF006 Softwall Potable Water Discharge


H1006 Creamery/Packing Washdown

H9673 WASHDOWN 1250


H9610 Washdown 1000

EPDM Food Hose

milk hose

H9610 WASHDOWN 1000


EPDM Food Hose

Tigerflex "Milk Hose"


High Purity PVC Water Hose

clear vinyl

braided tubing

"High Purity" PVC Water Hose


Clear Vinyl Tubing-Non-Reinforced


CLEARBRAID® Vinyl Tubing-Reinforced