Tigervapor™ Vapor Recovery Hose Series TV
General Applications: Tank truck and terminal vapor recovery transfer
Construction: Polyurethane hose with rigid PVC helix
Service Temperature: -40ºF (-40ºC) to 150ºF (65.5ºC)
  • Biofuel Compatible - Revolutionary polyurethane compound. Specially designed to handle gasoline, ethanol blends (up to E98), diesel and biodiesel (up to B100 meeting ASTM D6751 criteria) .....and still keeps all the other great features and benefits.
  • Non-permeable polyurethane construction - won't swell or become stiff like conventional TPR/rubber hoses. Long life reduces operating costs.
  • Lightweight - much lighter than conventional TPR/rubber hoses
  • Superior flexibility - especially in sub zero weather
  • "See-the-flow" construction - for visual confirmation fuel is flowing
  • Reinforced tube - for liquid fuel transfer applications
  • Embedded copper grounding wire
  • Abrasion resistant helix - designed to slide easily over rough surfaces and around objects
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Item #

Min. Bend Radius

TV202 N/A 3 Inch
TV303 N/A 3.5 Inch
TV404 N/A 4.5 Inch
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