• Aeroquip Matchmate Plus Hydrauluc Hose

    Dunham Rubber supplies hydraulic hose within Aeroquip's popular Matchmate PlusĀ® line. These include GH781, GH195, GH663, GH793 and GH493. Please contact customer service at 800-876-5340 to discuss your particular application needs.

  • AQP Hi-Impulse Double Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose

    Aeroquip's hydraulic hose product offering includes hose for some of the most demanding applications today. These include hoses that meet or exceed the toughest SAE specifications.

    Aeroquip Hi-Impulse hoses has an impulse application life up to 5 times more than required by SAE specifications. Higher performance rating results in longer service life, increased reliability and less downtime.

    Four and Six spiral hose available for high pressure hydraulic systems.

  • Aeroquip Low Pressure Socketless/Suction Hydraulic Hose

    Hoses within the low pressure hose category include; Wire inserted suction hose, textile braid socketless hose, fuel, oil, engine and air brake hoses. Consult customer service for recommendations on applications.

  • PTFE, Thermoplastic and Specialty Aeroquip Hose

    Hoses within this category include; LPG hose, Railroad Air Brake, and refrigeration hoses. Consult customer service for recommendations on applications.

  • AQP Aeroquip Hose

    Aeroquip's AQP family of hose is scientifically superior to any hose on the market today. Materially different, AQP hose is constructed with elastomeric materials that carry U.S. Patent No. 4,366,746. There's nothing quite like it.

    An Aeroquip team of chemists and engineers made a major breakthrough with the development of AQP hose. Thousands of compounds were developed and discarded to reach the discovery of the patented, scientifically superior AQP elastomeric material. Years of laboratory testing and in-the-field performance verification have proven its unique superiority.

  • Aeroquip FC194 Single Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose

    Aeroquip offers an extensive product range of single wire braid hose. These include moderate pressure hydraulic system hose, refrigeration hose, PTFE hose, air brake hose and engine hose.