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Carflex 570

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Hose wall double layer:
Inner hose wall: heat resistant impregnated glass fabric
Outer hose wall: special coated high temperature fabric
External helix: galvanized steel with additional plastic abrasion protector
Color: hose wall green-gray, outer abrasion protector red
Temperature Range: Exhaust gas temperatures up to +570°F, short times up to +660°F when exhaust gas funnels are used properly and enough fresh air is utilized


  • High stress extracting exhaust gas from spark ignition or diesel engines, especially suitable for trucks or construction machines
  • All normal exhaust extraction systems, such as hose reel, slotted channels, above-floor and under-floor, suction extraction


  • Flame-resistant
  • Vibration-proof
  • High resistance to mechanical loads
  • Extremely flexible
  • Compressibility 1:5
  • Small bend radius
  • Super lightweight
  • Extra strength
  • Special clamping method guarantees high tensile strength between hose material and external helix
  • To maximize life of duct and exhaust system effectiveness, it is recommended to utilize a negative pressure exhaust system and introduce ambient air at the inlet

Available on Request

  • Special lengths
  • Fix lengths with mounted Clip-Grip-clamps
  • Abrasion protection profile in other colors
  • Custom design with other pitches and helix sizes
  • Special diameters metric

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Item #

Hose I.D.

Hose O.D.

Bend Radius



Carflex-570-4.00 4.00 inches 4.68 inches 2.40 in 0.90000 lbs/ft 25 ft
Carflex-570-5.00 5.00 inches 5.68 inches 3.00 in 1.00000 lbs/ft 25 ft
Carflex-570-6.00 6.00 inches 6.68 inches 3.60 in 1.16000 lbs/ft 25 ft
Carflex-570-8.00 8.00 inches 8.68 inches 5.60 in 1.45000 lbs/ft 25 ft
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1