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DuraFlow® 57 Series Kevlar® Mesh Fabrics

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  • High tensile strength at low weight
  • Low elongation to break high modulus (structural rigidity)
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low thermal shrinkage
  • High toughness (work-to-break)
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High cut resistance
  • Flame resistant, self-extinguishing
  • Heavy Duty drying application
  • Kevlar® is 5X stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, but lightweight & flexible at the same time.
  • Higher UV resistance than glass
  • Experiences no embitterment or degradation at -320ºF.

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh fabrics are manufactured from woven Kevlar® substrates that have been coated with PTFE. The DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh series is an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications or in drying applications where there is steam or moisture. DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh fabrics are dramatically higher in tensile and tear strengths. These fabrics are manufactured from proprietary woven Kevlar® with openings that range from 1/16" to 1/4."


DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Fabrics are engineered to maintain their unique flexibility, dimensional stability, dielectric and tensile strength, and non-stick properties, while performing under the harshest environmental conditions. AFC's fabrics are abrasion, tear & puncture, and fire resistant, chemically resistant, and maintain their unique properties under pressure and extreme temperatures: -100ºF to 575ºF (-73ºC to 302ºC). DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Fabric have received USDA and NSF approval for direct food contact and are FDA compliant (21 CFR177.1550).

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Item #



Nominal Thickness

Window Opening

Tensile Wrap

57-27-84 Yellow 84 in 0.027 in 0.109 in 350 lbs/yd²
57-27-S Yellow Slit 0.027 in 0.109 in 350 lbs/yd²
57-62-84 Yellow 84 in 0.062 in 0.313 in 400 lbs/yd²
57-62-S Yellow Slit 0.062 in 0.313 in 400 lbs/yd²
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1