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Novitool® Ply 130™ Ply Separator

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Easy Splitting of Conveyor Belts

The Ply 130™ is used to separate between the plies of a conveyor belt. This cutting action is often required in preparation before splicing a belt with a splice press. A great advantage of this ply separator is that it can split as deep as 5" (130 mm) in one action. This is especially helpful when splitting very thin belts or belts where the material is difficult to cut, like with thin polyurethane belts. There are 2 models - one for workbench use (PLY 130 WB) and one with a stand (PLY 130 SA).

Capable of Splitting a Variety of Thermoplastic Belts

The robust construction of the Ply 130™ allows for precise splitting of thermoplastic belts - both thin and thick. As little as 0.02" (0.5 mm) can be separated - allowing for users to create film from the belt used in the vulcanizing process.

Easy Operation - One handle determines the splitting position.

Easy Depth Adjustment - Adjustable guide with ruler.

Excellent Repeatability - Achieve perfect results time after time.

Robust Machinery - Durable components and construction.

Easy operation - Multiple separations

The Ply 130™ can be used to prepare finger over linger splices and stepped splices. With only one handle you determine the depth you want to split the belt. It is possible to split between every layer of the belt and in this way generate two or three separations within one belt.

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PLY130SA-460V3PH60HZ Floor Stand Model 08012 460V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130SA-460V3PH60HZ-L16-20 Floor Stand Model 08049 460V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130SA-460V3PH60HZ-L16-30 Floor Stand Model 08050 460V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130SA-230V3PH60HZ Floor Stand Model 08047 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130SA-230V3PH60HZ-L15-20 Floor Stand Model 08051 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130SA-230V3PH60HZ-L15-30 Floor Stand Model 08052 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130-WB-460V3PH60HZ Work Bench Model 08013 460V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130-WB-460V3PH60HZ-L16-20 Work Bench Model 08053 460V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130-WB-460V3PH60HZ-L16-30 Work Bench Model 08054 460V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130-WB-230V3PH60HZ Work Bench Model 08046 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130-WB-230V3PH60HZ-L15-20 Work Bench Model 08055 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY130-WB-230V3PH60HZ-L15-30 Work Bench Model 08056 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
PLY-BL Blade & Jig (Replacement Part) 08014 N/A N/A
PLY-JG Jig Only (Replacement Part) 08015 N/A N/A
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