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90º Split Flange - Code 61 (SAE J518)

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Global Spiral TTC fittings for use with Aeroquip Hydraulic Hose: FC254, FC273, FC273B, FC606, FC606B, GH466 and GH506.  1E fittings for use on 4-wire construction and 1Z fittings for use on 6-wire construction. This connection is commonly used in fluid power systems.  Code 61 is referred to as the "standard" series.  The female (port) is an unthreaded hole with four bolt holes in a rectangular pattern around the port.  The male consists of a flanged head, grooved for an O-ring, and either a captive flange or split flange halves with bolt holes to match the port.  The seal takes place on the O-Ring, which is compressed between the flanged head and the flat surface surrounding the port. The threaded bolts hold the connection together. *SAE J518, JIS B 8363, ISO/DIS 6162 and DIN 20066 are interchangeable, except for bolt sizes.

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Item #

Flange Head Dia. K Ø

Hose Size

1E12FLB12 1.50 Inch -12 Inch
1E16FLB12 1.75 Inch -12 Inch
1E16FLB16 1.75 Inch -16 Inch
1Z16FLB16 1.75 Inch -16 Inch
1E20FLB16 2.00 Inch -16 Inch
1E20FLB20 2.00 Inch -20 Inch
1Z20FLB20 2.00 Inch -20 Inch
1E24FLB20 2.38 Inch -20 Inch
1E24FLB24 2.38 Inch -24 Inch
1Z24FLB24 2.38 Inch -24 Inch
1E32FLB24 2.81 Inch -24 Inch
1E32FLB32 2.81 Inch -32 Inch
1Z32FLB32 2.81 Inch -32 Inch
  Results 1 - 13 of 13 1