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Aeroquip FF90311 Heavy Duty Hose Support Clamps

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These heavy-duty, weld based clamps are designed to securely hold hose in applications subject to impulsing, flexing, and vibrating conditions. These clamps help prevent abrasion and extend hose life through proper routing. Clamps are rated to ambient temperature of +250ºF.

  • For use with hoses on mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment
  • Weld-base design or drill and tap mounting allows for easy installation
  • Perfect to control boom and mast lines
  • Custom styles available upon request
Features & Benefits:
  • Wide array of sizes to fit most hose styles (0.50" through 2.75")
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for serviceability
  • Route hose assemblies for longer service life, safety and serviceability
  • Heavy duty clamps reduce shock and controls hydraulic impulse spikes
  • Minimize abrasion between hoses and against frame edges
  • Smooth clamping contour ensures proper hose grip

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Item #

Inside Diameter

FF90311-127 0.50 Inch
FF90311-137 0.54 Inch
FF90311-150 0.59 Inch
FF90311-160 0.63 Inch
FF90311-171 0.67 Inch
FF90311-174 0.69 Inch
FF90311-190 0.75 Inch
FF90311-205 0.81 Inch
FF90311-222 0.87 Inch
FF90311-239 0.94 Inch
FF90311-254 1.00 Inch
FF90311-266 1.05 Inch
FF90311-280 1.10 Inch
FF90311-300 1.18 Inch
FF90311-320 1.26 Inch
FF90311-334 1.31 Inch
FF90311-357 1.41 Inch
FF90311-381 1.50 Inch
FF90311-400 1.57 Inch
FF90311-422 1.66 Inch
FF90311-445 1.75 Inch
FF90311-483 1.90 Inch
FF90311-508 2.00 Inch
FF90311-572 2.25 Inch
FF90311-635 2.50 Inch
  Results 1 - 25 of 26 1 2