Unit of Measure


Top Cover

N/A Ropanyl


N/A Flexible, Polyester/polyester

Tension/Number of Plies

N/A 10/2

Bottom Thickness/Profile

N/A 00

Top Cover Thickness/Profile

N/A 03


N/A White

Additional Properties

N/A Fine, Matte Finish Food Grade (International)


Maximum Available Width

N/A 118.1 in3000 mm

Number of Plies

N/A 2

Average Production Thickness

N/A 0.063 in1.6 mm


N/A 0.369 lbs/ft²1.80 kg/m²

F/E at 1%

N/A 56 lbs/in10 N/mm

Top Cover Material (Surface)

N/A Polyurethane

Top Cover Hardness (Shore A)

N/A 85

Top Cover Thickness

N/A 0.012 in0.3 mm


N/A Numbers are based on lab tests of new belts and may vary.

Minimum Pulley Diameter

Min. Pulley Diameter (Flexing at 20ºC)

N/A 0.5 in12.0 mm

Min. Pulley Diameter (Back Flexing at 20ºC)

N/A 1.6 in40.0 mm

Temperature Durability

Prolonged Min.

N/A -4 ºF-20 ºC

Prolonged Max.

N/A 140 ºF60 ºC

Short Min.

N/A -4 ºF-20 ºC

Short Max.

N/A 176 ºF80 ºC