PermaSeal flange fittings feature a 316L stainless steel machined stub end, which is far more durable and corrosion resistant than industry standard 304 stainless steel. Thanks to the unique swivel design of the stub end and the fact that the flange "backs up" the stub end and is no in direct contact with corrosive media (as is common with fixed flange designs), the user has the option to choose less costly epoxy-coated carbon steel or low cost plastic flanges.

The machined stub end has an extremely smooth internal surface finish that surpasses the quality normally found with some "as cast" or "mill finish" stainless steel stub ends. In fact, Flexible Components' stainless steel stub ends are machined to Type A Schedule 40 or thicker standards.

Flange Fitting Products
  • Flange Retainer, Lap-Joint Style 316L Stainless Steel Style 12
  • Flange Retainer, Lap-Joint Style Chemfiuor® PFA Encapsulated Style 12T
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PermaSeal Nominal Flange Dimensions