Plastic Modular belt is available for a wide range of applications. Some of the many industries served include: Corrugated cardboard, Printing/Paper, Automotive, Packaging, Fruits and Vegetables, Bakery, Snack Food, Sea Food, Poultry, Meat (beef and pork), Glass manufacturing, Postal, Textile, Beverage/Bottling, Can manufacturing, Textile and Tire Manufacturing to name a few.

Available in several belt materials and rod materials. See the RFI or contact Dunham Rubber for more details.
Unit of Measure



N/A Flat Top


N/A M5000


N/A 2.0 in50.8 mm

Open Area

N/A 0 %

Open Hinge

N/A Yes


N/A Polyethylene Belt/Polyethylene Rod Acetal Belt/Polyamide Rod Acetal Belt/Polybutylene-terephthalate Rod

Nominal Tensile Strength

Polyethylene Belt/Polyethylene Rod

N/A 18000 N/m

Acetal Belt/Polybutylene-terephthalate Rod

N/A 38000 N/m

Acetal Belt/Polyamide Rod

N/A 53000 N/m

F'N Straight Run

Polyethylene Belt/Polyethylene Rod

N/A 1233 lbs/ft

Acetal Belt/Polybutylene-terephthalate Rod

N/A 2603 lbs/ft

Acetal Belt/Polyamide Rod

N/A 3631 lbs/ft