Series J Standard duty PVC general purpose suction and transfer hose.
    Features and Benefits:
  • PVC Construction- provides durability. Smooth cover on sizes 3/4" through 5". Convuloted cover on 6" and 8" for greater flexibility.
  • Series H is clear with white helix
  • Series J is solid olive green
  • Series K is clear with dark green helix
  • Smooth bore construction - allows full flow
    General Applications:
  • Construction and mining supply lines
  • Irrigation lines
  • Rock dusting
  • Wellpoint systems
  • Agri-foam systems
  • Miscellaneous agricultural applications
  • Liquid fertilizer transfer
Unit of Measure



N/A J800

Nominal ID

N/A 8 Inch

Nominal O.D.

N/A 8.86 Inch

Max. Working Pressure

N/A 30 psi

Working Press. - Rem.

N/A 30 at 68°F


N/A 26 inches of Hg

Vacuum Remark

N/A 26 at 68°F

Bend Radius

N/A 35 Inch

Min. Bend Radius Rem.

N/A 35 at 68°F

Standard Length

N/A 20 ft.

Approx. Weight per Lin. Foot

N/A 5.63