The AsgcoAir System is more than just an air-supported conveyor. That’s why we incorporate some very effective loading and unloading designs as well as dust containment as part of every AsgcoAir project. The Asgco Centerload Chute will, as the name implies, transfer product onto the center of any belt conveyor with the proper profile. This eliminates the need for skirt-boards, plows, slider beds and other provisions for impact. The Asgco Centerload Chute is manufactured from a variety of wear resistant materials including Asgco’s revolutionary X-Wear panel.
    Benefits Include:
  • Dust-Free Transfer Points. Low Maintenance.
  • Energy Reduction up to 35% of Horizontal Belt HP.
  • Increase Belt Life and Reversible Travel.
  • Unmatched Safety Reduced Noise levels.
  • Higher Inclination Angles.
  • Retrofit Existing Load Zones.
  • Solves environmental dust issues.
  • Eliminate Tracking Problems
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