Habasit introduces the new R1TEF-T for the food industry. It can be used in many different segments including bakeries, cereal production, sweets, snacks and general conveying. It conforms to FDA requirements for food contact. Applications range from shrink wrapping to sorting to check weighing and general processing.

Features and Benefits
  • Aramide fabric : minimal stretch and moisture resistant.
  • Flexproof splice : non-marring of product.
  • High temperature rating : allows for continuous operating temperature of 492 ºF.
The R1TEF-T makes an excellent drying belt within the furniture industry as well as general conveying in Material Handling, Packaging and Paper manufacturing.
Unit of Measure

Technical Data


N/A 0.5 mm0.02 in

Mass of Belt (Belt Weight)

N/A 0.5 kg/m²0.1 lbs/ft²

Min. Pulley Diameter

N/A 50 mm2 in

Min. Pulley Diameter with Counter Flection

N/A 60 mm2.4 in

Tensile Force for 1% Elongation (k1% Static) per unit of Width (Habasit Standard SOP3-064)

N/A 3.5 N/mm20 lbs/in

Tensile Force for 1% Elongation after Relaxation (k1 % relaxed) per unit of Width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155 / EN ISO 21181)

N/A 2 N/mm11 lbs/in

Admissible Tensile Force per unit of Width

N/A 5 N/mm29 lbs/in

Min. Continuous Operating Temperature Admissible

N/A -30 ºC-22 ºF

Max. Continuous Operating Temperature Admissible

N/A 250 ºC482 ºF

Coefficient of Friction on Driving Pulley of Steel

N/A 0.10

Coefficient of Friction on Driving Pulley with Friction Cover

N/A 0.20

Coefficient of Friction on Slider Bed of Pickled Steel Sheet

N/A 0.09

Coefficient of Friction against Slider Bed of Phenolic Resin

N/A 0.15

Coefficient of Friction on Slider Bed of Stainless Steel Sheet

N/A 0.1

Seamless Manufacturing Width

N/A 1575 mm62 in

Product Designation

Product Group

N/A Extraline Conveyor and Processing Belts

Product Sub-Group

N/A Conveyor and Processing Belts

Main Industry Segments

N/A Bakery (biscuit/cookie) Bakery (bread) Cereal production Food conveying/processing in general Furniture manufacturing Materials Handling Packaging Paper manufacturing Shrinking/wrapping processes Sweets/snacks/candies/bars/chewing gum

Belt Applications

N/A Drying belt General conveying belt High temperature belt Packaging belt Processing belt Sorting belt Weighing belt

Special Features

N/A Food suitable Heat resistant

Mode of Use/Conveyance

N/A Accumulation Horizontal

Product Construction/Design

Conveying Side (Material)


Conveying Side (Surface)

N/A Impregnated fabric

Conveying Side (Property)

N/A Non-adhesive

Conveying Side (Color)

N/A Tan

Traction Layer (Material)

N/A Aramide fabric

Number of Fabrics

N/A 1

Running Side/Pulley Side (Material)


Running Side/Pulley Side (Surface)

N/A Impregnated fabric

Running Side/Pulley Side (Color)

N/A Tan

Product Characteristics

Slider Bed Suitable

N/A Yes

Carrying Rollers Suitable

N/A Yes

Troughed Installation Suitable

N/A No

Power Turns, Curved Installations

N/A No

Nosebar Suitable

N/A No

Low Noise Applications

N/A No

Antistatically Equipped

N/A No

Metal Detector Suitable

N/A Yes


N/A Non-flammable

Food Suitability FDA

N/A Yes

Food Suitability USDA

N/A No use intended


N/A All data are approximate values under standard climatic conditions: 23ºC/73ºF, 50% relative humidity (DIN 50005/ISO 554), and are based on the Master Joining Method.