• Cush-A-Clamp® Channel-Mounted Clamping System

    CUSH-A-CLAMP® - Channel mounted clamping systems are ideal for multiple line runs, while absorbing shock and vibration, reducing unwanted noise and preventing galvanic corrosion. Cush-A-Clamp fits any standard 1-5/8" wide channel.

    Assembly consisting of steel clamp with locknut and thermoplastic elastomer cushion. All parts are marked for easy identification and packaged for small lot or bulk use. When specified, Cush-A-Clamp assemblies up to 2", are available individually packaged.

    THE CLAMP - Features a unique shoulder stud which is securely fastened to one clamp half. Steel clamps for tube sizes up to 1-3/8" have the "Controlled Squeeze™" design which eliminates over-tightening and rotation while a nylon-insert nut assures a positive lock. Clamps are available in steel (with electro-dichromate finish), and stainless steel (Type 304, Contact factory for type 316).

    THE CUSHION - Manufactured from a thermo plastic elastomer, it's built tough to withstand the effects of most oils, chemicals and industrial cleaning compounds, in temperatures from -50ºF to 275ºF. A patented "Living Hinge" allows the cushion to be spread apart for quick, easy installation. Interlock edges and channel locator legs ensure that the cushion remains in place.

    INSTALLATION - One man, one tool time savings. Retrofits can be added without disassembly. A patented "Living Hinge" allows the cushion to be spread apart for quick, easy installation on sizes from 1/4" through 1-3/4".

  • Omega Series™ Cushioned Clamps

    The Omega Series™ clamp assembly retains, guides, protects and uniformly spaces line runs. Attached with two standard fasteners to any flat surface, the Omega Series™ clamp eliminates the use of special channels, providing a savings in both space and cost. They go up fast, lines are rigid and look neat.

    THE CLAMP - Steel with electro-dichromate finish, or stainless steel type 304.

    THE CUSHION - Manufactured from a thermoplastic elastomer, it's built tough to withstand the effects of most oils, chemicals and industrial cleaning compounds, in temperatures from -50ºF to 275ºF. Interlock edge ensures that the cushion remains in place.

    Assembly consists of clamp and thermoplastic elastomer cushion. Fasteners not included.

  • Alpha Series™ U-Bolt Assemblies

    Designed for the tough jobs, the Alpha Series™ U-Bolt Assembly secures pipe runs to any flat surface. The cushion design provides total load distribution, allowing the U-Bolt to become a full contact hanger, eliminating knife-edge loading. The U-Bolt traps and secures the cushion in place to prevent lateral movement, while nylon insert locknuts provide a positive lock.

    Alpha Series™ U-Bolt Assembly conforms to MIL-S-901D for shock testing.

  • Cush-A-Therm™ Airtight Crush-Resistant Insulation Clamps

    The Cush-A-Therm™ Clamp is a fast easy way to provide a crush-resistant airtight seal for chilled refrigeration or mechanical pipelines that require continuous insulation. The rigid foam construction has an insulating tape inner lining which supports tube and absorbs vibration of operating pipelines. The outer cover consists of a special rubber coating which seals the cushion completely after installation in order to prevent condensation. It's strong closed-cell structure is ideal for liquid cooling lines to prevent condensation, save energy, and maintain the vapor barrier.

    • Temperature range: -70ºF to +220ºF
    • Complete assembly supplied with gold electro-galvanized channel clamp and hardware
    • Maintains thermal barrier protection
    • Prevents condensation
    • Properly supports pipe and tube
    • Absorbs vibration
    • Polyurethane foam laminated with a rubber lining

  • Porce-A-Clamp™ Cable Clamps

    Replaces Porcelain and Maple Cable Clamp. Assembly consists of thermoplastic elastomer cushion with plated or stainless steel clamp. Plated steel and stainless are both supplied with Silicon Bronze bolt and nut.

    • Non-breakable material
    • Chemical and UV resistant
    • U.L. Listed UL94V-0
    • Plated Steel, or Stainless steel clamps
    • Tapered flange to protect cable
    • Dielectric strength 640 volts per mil
    • One piece cushion design, available with Flame retardant / Halogen Free cushions
    • Silicon Bronze Hardware used to Breakup the Magnetic field around the Cable at the Clamping Location.
    The hinged cushion allows easy installation of the wire, but the components will get separated and lost or broken.