• vise lacer

    The reliable Vise Lacer is the most economical method of installing Clipper hooks

    • Fits into any shop vise
    • Ideal for the user with few belts
    • Continuous lacing feature
    Please see additional info link at right for product specifications.

  • LW95 lacer

    Portable unit laces up to 6" in one operation.

    • Continuous lacing feature
    • Hook retainers available for all hook sizes

  • roller lacer

    Clipper Roller Lacing Technology works fast to significantly minimize downtime, without sacrificing precision. One person can install splices on-site, and the process is easy to learn. The lacers are lightweight, portable, and eay-to-carry. Sturdy aircraft aluminum construction handles rigorous use.

  • hydraulic lacer

    Production Lacers are designed for high-volume production lacing. It's the quickest, most precise method of installing wire hooks. As the lacer jaws contact the hooks, the hook points penetrate the belt at the ideal angle, resulting in an optinmal splice. Hook retainers/ combs are available for all sizes of hooks, making production lacers capable of lacing any size Clipper hook. All production lacers offer the continuous lacing feature which, with multiple operations, allows the user to lace belts wider that the width of the lacer.