An extremely flexible duct designed specifically to handle today's extremely noxious fumes including fluorine. Ideal for both wet fumes and dry fumes.

Material: 100% PTFE

Construction: Double ply bonded film mechanical lock, stainless steel helix

Diameters: 4” to 24” I.D.

Bend radius: 1.5 X I.D.

Length: 25 feet

Compression Ratio: 4:1

Temperature Range: -200°F (-129°C) to +400°F (204°C) Continuous to +500°F

Color: Blue, also available in black


  • Good abrasion resistance for exhaust with particulate
  • Good tear and puncture resistance
  • Excellent cold temperature resistance
  • Diesel exhaust extraction where temperature permits
  • Extreme chemical resistance


Unit of Measure

Item #

Hose I.D.

Working Pressure

Negative Pressure


N/A 4.00 in N/A 4 psi N/A 2.1 in/Hg N/A 0.6 lbs/ft
N/A 5.00 in N/A 3 psi N/A 1.6 in/Hg N/A 0.75 lbs/ft
N/A 6.00 in N/A 2.3 psi N/A 1.2 in/Hg N/A 0.9 lbs/ft
N/A 8.00 in N/A 1.4 psi N/A 0.6 in/Hg N/A 1.2 lbs/ft
N/A 10.00 in N/A 1 psi N/A 0.4 in/Hg N/A 1.5 lbs/ft
N/A 12.00 in N/A 0.75 psi N/A 0.3 in/Hg N/A 1.8 lbs/ft