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U-Lok 440 Garage Fume Exhaust Hose

Single-ply economical silicone/fiberglass duct designed for vehicular exhaust extraction and high temperature air transfer. Ultra flexible mechanical lock construction provides superior tear and tensile strength and eliminates wire movements found in traditional single-ply duct. Air tight construction. Uniform flexibility and compressibility reduces exhaust turbulence and pressure loss.

Material: Medium gauge silicone coated fiberglass

Construction: Mechanical lock, external steel scuff guard

Diameters: 2” to 12” I.D.

Length: 25 feet

Compression Ratio: 5:1

Temperature Range: -60°F (-51°C) to +500°F (260°C) intermittent

Color: Orange/red with black external scuff guard


  • High temperature air supply and removal
  • Garage fume control
  • Combustion by-products

*A negative pressure fan system with ambient air inlet is recommended to maximize effectiveness and life of duct. It is important to size the duct diameter according to the exhaust output.

Item #

Hose I.D.

Working Pressure

Negative Pressure


U-Lok-440-2.00 2.00 in 8 psi 7 in/Hg 0.37 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-3.00 3.00 in 6.8 psi 4.5 in/Hg 0.55 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-4.00 4.00 in 3.7 psi 2.1 in/Hg 0.74 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-5.00 5.00 in 3 psi 1.6 in/Hg 0.92 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-6.00 6.00 in 2.3 psi 1.2 in/Hg 1.1 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-8.00 8.00 in 1.4 psi 0.7 in/Hg 1.5 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-10.00 10.00 in 1 psi 0.45 in/Hg 1.88 lbs/ft
U-Lok-440-12.00 12.00 in 0.75 psi 0.3 in/Hg 2.25 lbs/ft