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Item # 54614, Rapplon® Quick-Splice Belts

Quick-Splice design technology eliminates the use of glue or cement to create the splice. Reduced splice times, fewer failures, safer assembly and better performance can be yours. Save time and save money with Quick-Splice.

RAPPLON® Quick-Splice belts handle a broad range of applications in the corrugated, printing, paper converting and folding carton industries.

Why Quick Splice?
  • Belt changeout time is minimized, to get your production line up and running
  • The Quick-Splice process is easy to learn and easy to repeat, producing high-quality, consistent splice results
  • Productivity improves because machines are back online faster
  • Operating costs can be reduced compared to costs associated with classical belt types


Type (Belt Designation)

GG E8.20 RRQ


2.00 mm

Tensile Strength

80 N/mm

Recommended Elongation

0.3 to 2.0 %

Minimum Pulley Diameter at 20ºC

25 mm


2.00 kg/m²

Color (Bottom Surface)


Color (Top Surface)


Working Strength at 1%

8.0 N/mm

Coefficient of Friction (Bottom Surface)

0.60 µ

Coefficient of Friction (Top Surface)

0.70 µ

Thermal Application Range

-20/+60 ºC



Bottom Surface

NBR elastomer

Tension Member

Polyester fabric

Top Surface

NBR elastomer

Top Surface Finish

Coarse structure

Endless Joint



Numbers are based on lab tests of new belts and may vary.


·  Rapplon® Quick-Splice Belts - 2

·  Rapplon® Quick-Splice Belts - 3

 QSP 60 Quick Splice Press 

QSP 60 Quick Splice Press
QSP 60 Quick Splice Press