Unit of Measure

Technical Data


N/A 1.0 mm0.04 in

Mass of Belt (Belt Weight)

N/A 1.05 kg/m²0.22 lbs/ft²

Min. Pulley Diameter with Counter Flection

N/A 20 mm0.8 in

Tensile Force for 1% Elongation (k1% Static) per unit of Width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155 / EN ISO 21181)

N/A 5.0 N/mm29 lbs/in

Tensile Force for 1% Elongation after Relaxation (k1 % relaxed) per unit of Width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155 / EN ISO 21181)

N/A 1.7 N/mm10 lbs/in

Min. Continuous Operating Temperature Admissible

N/A -20 ºC-4 ºF

Max. Continuous Operating Temperature Admissible

N/A 60 ºC140 ºF

Coefficient of Friction of Driving Pulley of Steel

N/A 0.2

Seamless Manufacturing Width

N/A 1200 mm47 in

Product Designation

Product Group

N/A Hamid Machine Tapes

Main Industry Segments

N/A Folding Paper converting Paper manufacturing and processing Paper printing and finishing

Belt Applications

N/A Folder belt Paper handling belt Processing belt

Special Features

N/A Abrasion resistant Adhesive-free joint Constant grip and release property Dimensionally stable Non-marking

Mode of Use/Conveyance

N/A Horizontal Inclined Vertical

Product Construction/Design

Conveying Side (Material)

N/A Polyurethane cross-linked (PUR)

Conveying Side (Surface)

N/A Impregnated fabric

Conveying Side (Property)

N/A Non-adhesive

Conveying Side (Color)

N/A Black

Traction Layer (Material)

N/A Polyamide (PA) fabric/Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foil

Number of Fabrics

N/A 2

Running Side/Pulley Side (Material)

N/A Polyurethane cross-linked (PUR)

Running Side/Pulley Side (Surface)

N/A Impregnated fabric

Running Side/Pulley Side Property

N/A Non-adhesive

Running Side/Pulley Side (Color)

N/A Black

Product Characteristics

Slider Bed Suitable

N/A Yes

Carrying Rollers Suitable

N/A Yes

Troughed Installation Suitable

N/A No

Antistatically Equipped

N/A Yes

Additional Technical Information

Chemical Resistance Class

N/A 2 (These indications are not guarantees of properties)

Installation and Handling Instructions

N/A Do not go below initial elongation (epsilon) ~ 0.5%.; Install the slack belt and tension until running perfectly under the full belt load.


N/A Keep belt edges free of any installation/machine contact; This product has not been tested according to ATEX standards (atmospheres with explosion risk - ATEX 95 regulation or EU directive 94/9) and therefore is subject to user's analysis in the respective environment.


N/A All data are approximate values under standard climatic conditions: 23ºC/73ºF, 50% relative humidity (DIN 50005/ISO 554), and are based on the Master Joining Method.