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V-Cleat Road-Away Milling Belts

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Dunham Rubber offers replacement belts for road milling equipment. We supply milling belts for Roadtec, Wirtgen, CMI and CAT equipment. Benefits of this belt include high strength rubber compounds in both the cleats and belt covers to withstand the impact of heavy and sharp materials at the point of loading. The single piece/molded cleats eliminate the danger of cleats lifting or peeling from the belt cover when the cleats are vulcanized to a cured belt cover. V-Cleat Road-Away Milling Belt is available in three belt carcass configurations. These include: 2 Ply 220# PIW with 3 x 1 Covers and a gauge of 0.375" thick; 2 Ply 400# PIW with 3 x 1 Covers and a gauge of 0.394" thick; 3 Ply 225# PIW with 3 x 1 Covers and a gauge of 0.420" thick. Please e-mail or call us toll free 800-876-5340 with machine manufacturer and model number for quote on replacement milling belts.


Available Cleat Patterns
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