The DuraFab® Industrial Series is the workhorse of AFC's product line. It is the most extensive line of fabrics, serving a broad range of industrial and general-purpose applications. These fabrics are manufactured from woven fiberglass substrates, possess an optimal PTFE content, and leave a minimal fabric impression. As AFC's most popular and versatile fabric series, DuraFab® Industrial Fabrics provide the highest value to customers by offering an excellent balance between heat transfer, release, and flexibility.

DuraFab® PTFE Coated Fabric Characteristics

DuraFab® Fabrics are engineered to retain the distinctive properties of PTFE; however, by adding a glass fabric to the matrix, AFC is able to obtain the added benefits of dimensional stability, durability, excellent tensile strength and extremely low elongation (<1%). DuraFab® Fabrics have received USDA approval for food processing and handling, and are FDA compliant (21CFR177.1550). In addition, the DuraFab® fabrics can operate in temperatures from -400ºF (-240ºC) under static conditions and -100ºF (-73º C) under dynamic conditions up to 550ºF (288ºC).

Typical Applications:
  • Packaging
  • Food Products
  • Printing and Textiles
  • Polymer Processing
  • Building Products
  • Chemical Processing
  • Aerospace, Communications & Military
  • Other Applications
Unit of Measure


Nominal Thickness

N/A 0.010 in0.254 mm


N/A 60 in1524 mm


N/A 0.90 lbs/yd²0.48 kg/m²

Tensile Wrap

N/A 306 lbs/in²21.5 kg/cm²

Tensile Fill

N/A 155 lbs/in²10.9 kg/cm²

Edge Tear Wrap

N/A 1856 N/5cm

Edge Tear Fill

N/A 1344 N/5cm


N/A Although material width is standard, additional lead-time may be required.
Additional thicknesses and styles available upon special order.

Typical Applications


  • Poly bag manufacturing
  • Impulse/L-Bar sealing
  • Form fill and seal
  • Over wrapping (Tray packing)
  • Side and End sealing
  • Blister tray covers
  • Vacuum pack machines

Food Products

  • Non-stick baking, cooking and drying
  • Food dehydration
  • Smoking of meat and fish
  • Flash-freezing meat, poultry and fish
  • Oven and microwave liners for home and industrial kitchens

Printing and Textiles

  • Heat transfer presses
  • Silkscreen table covers
  • Fabric lamination
  • Garment fusing

Polymer Processing

  • Vulcanizing presses
  • Rubber curing presses
  • Manufacture of filter media

Building Products

  • Manufacture of specialty wood-based products
  • Vinyl window manufacturing

Chemical Processing

  • Tank seals and contaminant barriers
  • Gaskets, membranes, seals & diaphragms
  • Corrosion resistant chute, drum, and hopper liners
  • Protective curtains and aprons

Aerospace, Communications & Military

  • Composite mold release/bonding
  • Vacuum bagging

Other Applications

  • Insulation and protection
  • Release sheets/separation materials
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Wire and cable insulation and protection
  • Manufacture of metalized balloons

Fabrication Capabilities

N/A AFC offers the following fabrication capabilities and services for its fabrics:

  • Conveyor belting
  • Specialty fabrication
  • Custom fabric and tape slitting
  • Fabric and tape sheeting
  • Custom die cutting
  • Belt and fabric perforating

Fabric Treatments and Specialty Coatings

N/A AFC can specially treat its fabrics to provide an adhesive (tape), bondable, abrasion resistant, or static-dissipative surface. In addition, the company also specialty coats fabrics to meet specific application needs.