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Standard Weight Belt- 1"x1" Mesh Clinched Edge

Flat Wire Belts are open mesh, flexible belts formed from round edge flat strip steel producing a smooth level conveying surface. Belts are available in three different size mesh openings, two weights, two types of edges, and widths from 4 1/2 inches to 15 feet.



  • Open mesh construction for quick drainage and free air Circulation.
  • Smooth Flat Surface.
  • Sanitary-Easily Cleaned.
  • Easy Replacement of Damaged or worn Sections.
  • Simple endless Splicing.


  • Canning and food Preparation.
  • Baking and freezing food.
  • Parts painting and drying.
  • Producing sorting, assembling, and packing.
  • Part transfer


1/2 x 1 inches

Flat Strip Size

3/8 x 0.046

Rod Dia.

11 mm

Rod Gage




Width Min.

4-1/2 inches

Width Max.

180 inches

Max. Working Tension

660 lbs.

Approx. Wt/Sq. Ft

2.20 lbs.


Available in Galvanized Steel high Carbon Steel, and T-316 Stainless Steel.