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Conveyor Belting

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Light Duty, Rubber, PVC & Urethane Belting Styles

Dunham Rubber and Belting offers a full line of light duty conveyor belting for a large variety of industrial applications.  These include but are not limited to the following; paper and packaging applications, food conveying and packaging process applications, power transmission, pharmaceutical and biomedical products conveying, wood processing, beverage transport applications, folder gluer belts for corrugated box production and many others.  Our lightweight conveyor belting products include, thermoplastic covered, solid plastic, lightweight rubber and non-woven belting.  Our in house belt fabrication specialist can perform a wide range of value added processing to supply belts for your custom belt application requirements.  Please contact our Customer Service Specialists toll free 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com
Antimicrobial Food Process Belting

Food Grade Conveyor Belt

Dunham Rubber offers TPU, PVC, Antimicrobial Compound and Modular Plastic belting options from the leading manufacturers of belting products worldwide. Within this category of products are our food and beverage processing and packaging belts. We supply belts for a wide range of applications from bakery and confectionary, packaging lines, fruit and vegetable conveying, metal detection applications, cooling section, oven and heat shrink belts, weigh scales, turn belts, packaged snack lines, proofer belts, bagel forming, filling lines, candy lines, bulk food conveying, meat and poultry processing, dairy processing and agricultural applications. Our experienced Customer Service group is available to assist with your particular application requirements, belt or conveyor problems or if you simply have questions. Please contact us at mail@dunhamrubber.com or by phone 1-800-876-5340, we look forward to working with you!
Corrugated Industry Belting

Belting for Corrugated Box & Paperboard Industry

Dunham Rubber has long been a supplier to the Corrugated and Paperboard Industries. From our exclusive DRBG3270 belt to general PVC belting we have been solving tough application challenges in the industry for over four decades.
We offer belting and OEM Replacement belting products for a wide range of applications. Some of these applications include; folder/gluer, folding rail, vacuum, elevator, die cutter, counter ejector/understacker, stacker, downstacker, shear/slitter/scorer, suction feeder, taper, hogger, baler, bridge, beater, sheeter, scrap conveyor, liver roller, and special perforated timing belts. We offer OEM Replacement belting for Mitsubishi Evol, Martin Stacker, Mini Martin Machinery, Perforated Timing Belts, J&L, Saturn and other manufacturers.
Package & Material Handling Belt

Package, Material Handling & Incline Belting

Package and material handling belts are for applications including; general conveying, incline/decline applications, airport luggage conveying, case conveying in bottling plants, discharge belts, sortation, gapping, scrap haul off, abrasive cutting applications, raw material transfer, inspection lines, agricultural, accumulation, paper processing and printing.
modular plastic belt

Plastic Modular Belt

Dunham Rubber is a leading distributor of modular plastic belting, sprockets and plastic conveying chains. Plastic modular belts are solving a wide variety of application challenges in many industrial applications today. Some applications include; food processing and packaging applications, canning lines, finished goods transport, tray return lines, battery transport, low temperature and high impact applications.

Modular belting offers many advantages for conveying products including positive drive and tracking, ease of installation and maintenance, can be equipped with side guards, flights and can be perforated. Also, the bricklayed construction of modular plastic belts allow them to be made to almost any width or length and are incredibly strong. They are made from FDA approved materials and are available in numerous top configurations. Materials available include polypropylene, polyethylene, acetal and high temp to meet a wide range of operating temperatures, chemical resistance and application requirements.

Call customer service at 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com for information on the many varieties of modular plastic belting, sprockets and plastic conveying chains available.
polyurethane timing belt

Power Transmission Products

Dunham Rubber and Belting distributes a wide range of power transmission products from many of the leading belt manufacturers in the world. We supply flat transmission belt, poly cord round belting, spindle tapes, reinforced and non-reinforced urethane belting, quick connect belting, traditional rubber v-belts, raw edge v-belts for lawn and garden equipment replacement belts and polyurethane timing belts just to name a few. Dunham Rubber offers a tremendous array of products to meet your transmission product needs.
heavy rubber beltting

Heavy Rubber Belting

Dunham Rubber & Belting distributes and fabricates black heavy duty rubber belting for a wide range of industrial applications. Some of these include but are not limited to; aggregate conveying applications such as sand, gravel, limestone, coal and ore. High Temperature (up to 750ºF) compounded conveyor belt available which is designed to provide long service life for use in applications where extreme service temperatures are common, such as steel works. Elevator leg or bucket belts for a wide variety of industries. Conveyor belting for the construction industry including products for road construction equipment such as pavers or road scalpers. Roof or shingle belts for lifting building material product from ground to top of buildings. Incline belting with chevron top, crescent top, cleat and z-top profiles for a wide range of conveying requirements.

We have standard SBR/Natural rubber blend for abrasion and cut resistant applications. Grade 1 premium compounds for glass cullet, sharp metals and granite conveying. MOR or Medium Oil Resistant compound belts for wood chip and whole grain applications. MSHA-SBR approved belting for underground mining applications. MSHA-SOR approved for flame retardant applications. SOR Super Oil Resistant compounds for severe oil applications when animal fats or petroleum oils are present. Excellent resistance to the deteriorating effects of kerosene, diesel oil and most heavy oils. Hot asphalt compound belting when oil and heat are present. High Heat Resistant EPDM compound belting with covers that withstand product temperatures for lumpy material to 400ºF and continuous baking loads to 350ºF.

Call customer service at 1-800-876-5340 or email us at mail@dunhamrubber.com with questions regarding your rubber belt application.
chain driven

Metal Belting

Metal belting is ideal for canning and food preparation, baking and freezing food, parts cleaning, parts painting and drying, product sorting, assembly and packaging and parts transfer.

Features of metal belting include; an open mesh construction for quick drainage and free air circulation, smooth flat surface, sanitary, easy replacement of damaged or worn sections, endless splicing, high strength to weight ratio and positive sprocket drive for excellent belt tracking properties.

Contact Customer Service toll free 1-800-876-5340 to discuss your metal belt requirements.
sidewall belt

Custom Fabrication Services for Conveyor Belting

Dunham Rubber fabricates conveyor belting to a wide variety of specifications and requirements. We slit slabs of belt to requirements, we have belt presses to vulcanize endless belts, hydraulic production lacers and maintenance roller lacers to apply mechanical lacings, we have guide machines to apply PVC V-guide, we attach PVC T-cleats, supply sidewall belts, perforate belts per customer specification and punch belts for elevator leg applications. We have portable presses and a covered trailer to travel to your location and install belts when customer requires or in emergency situations when having the lines down is unacceptable.

An additional services offered by Dunham Rubber is to perform a comprehensive belt survey for your facility. Each belt will be measured and identified and given a unique identification. With an agreement, belts can then be held at our facility until needed, released for scheduled maintenance or for emergency installation situations.

Call our Customer Service representatives toll free 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your specific belt application requirements.
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