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Industrial and Process Hose

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Air/ Water Multipurpose Hose

Air/ Water and Multipurpose Hose

Dunham Rubber supplies multipurpose hose of many different varieties for most industrial hose applications found today. Within this category you will find information on; Boston Bosflex Air & Water Transfer Hose, Concord compressor hose, Boston Easycouple -push-on style hose, Boston Perfection 300 -ideal for oily environments, Boston Performer II hose, Boston Shocksafe -low electrical conductivity, Nyall hose -nylon tube for oils, chemicals and paint applications, Mill Discharge hose, Economical PVC Air & Water transfer hose and Silicone braided reinforced hose.
Heavy Duty Water Suction and Discharge Hose

Suction/ Discharge Hose

Water suction and discharge hoses from PVC layflat, EPDM tube layflat, SBR rubber blend and more are in stock to handle construction, agricultural and industrial applications. Hose for contractor pump applications are in stock and ready for immediate shipment, call customer service toll free 1-800-876-5340 to discuss your application needs.
Material Handling Transfer Hose - Lynx Softwall

Material Handling Hose

Dunham Rubber stocks and supplies material handling hose for a very wide range of industrial applications. Some of these are dry bulk transfer, hot air transfer, vapor recovery hose, sandlblast, tar transfer and pumping, pellet transfer, chemical transfer, food transfer and fuel and grease transfer.

Call or mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com today to discuss your particular needs.

Duct and Blower Hose

Wide range of medium to heavy duty duct and blower hose. General applications include commercial lawn and leaf collection, material handling, soil, seed and compost delivery, wood chip, hay bailing, street refuse, grain dust, sawdust, cotton pickers, mulch and straw blowing, fume and dust removal.
Chemical Transfer Hose

Chemical Transfer Hose

Dunham Rubber stocks and purchases chemical hoses for many industrial applications including acid suction, chemical transfer, hot liquid transfer and more. We stock hoses in various diameters that have EPDM, Hypalon®, Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE), FEP Teflon®, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) and a range of synethetic compounds to handle higher temperature applications.

Dunham Rubber has the experience to supply the correct hose to meet your particular application requirements, please call Customer Service today at 1-800-876-5340.
Chemical Hose Assemblies

PTFE Process Hose

PTFE lined hose is the industry standard hose for various process applications including pharmaceutical production, food & beverage production, industrial and chemical transfer processes. A wide range of hose construction and configurations are available. Some of these are stainless steel braid PTFE hose - convoluted and smooth bore. These can be natural tube or conductive (static dissipative). Polypropylene braid PTFE hose, Kynar braid PTFE, Rubber Covered FEP or Fluoropolymer hose and stainless steel braid smooth true bore PTFE hose. Dunham Rubber is a leading distributor of PTFE hose and assemblies. We offer custom made assemblies per customer specified requirements. All hoses are made by trained and certified assemblers. Hoses are pressure tested, tagged and certified. Certificates of analysis (COA) and certificates of conformance (COC) are available upon request. Batch and lot traceability records kept for each assembly.

Please contact customer service at toll free 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your particular application requirements.
Sanitary Hose Assemblies

Sanitary Hose, Tubing, Fittings and Assemblies

Dunham Rubber fabricates to customer specification sanitary hose assemblies. From platinum cured silicone, stainless steel overbraid PTFE, EPDM food, Rubber-Covered FEP hose and more - Dunham Rubber is the choice for pharmaceutical, food, beverage and chemical transfer hose assemblies. We have many end fitting configuration options available to meet your process requirements. Our fully trained employees fabricate, test and certify assemblies to your requirements following strict procedure guidelines. Browse this on-line catalog and contact us at 1-800-876-5340 or or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your requirements.
Petroleum and Steam Transfer Hose

Petroleum/ Steam Service Hose

Dunham has in stock a range of hose products specifically designed for petroleum and steam service applications.

Boston Puma Medium duty petroleum transport hose is ideal for the Petrochemical/Petroleum industry, Biodiesel and Ethanol Transfer Hose as well as, Paper/Pulp, Oil Exploration and Drilling, Ship Building, Tank Trucks, Railroad Tank Cars, Waste Hauling and more. Boston Royalflex heavy duty petroleum hose is ideal for tank trucks, industrial cleaning, refineries, tank cars and storage tanks. Boston Royalflex is also used in ULSD, Biodiesel and Ethanol Transfer applications, please consult Customer Service to describe specific application concentrations and temperatures.

Boston Concord Steam hose is ideal for the Chemical/Petroleum Industry, Industrial Cleaning Markets, Ship Building, Food Indusrty, Lumber/Woodworking, Plywood Mfg./Cardboard and Pulp processing industries to name a but a few.
Petroleum and Steam Transfer Hose

Biodiesel and Ethanol Transfer Hose

Dunham Rubber offers a range of industrial transfer hose for the biodiesel and ethanol transfer application markets.  The Renwable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a program designed to encourage the blending of renewable fuel sources into our nation's motor vehicle fuel.  The industry focus is on B20 and below biodiesel formulations.  Dunham Rubber offers biodiesel compatible hose for tank to tank applications and tank to truck transfer applications.  

Boston Puma Petroleum, Boston Royalflex H1193, Boston Bobcat LT Petroleum, Boston Jaguar Heavy Duty Petroleum and Boston Light Duty Petroleum are all excellant hose options available for biodiesel transfer applications.

PTFE lined hoses are also ideal hoses for Bio-Fluid transfer applications whether it be tank to tank transfer or under the hood applications.  Under the hood applications include; car and truck, machinery and equipment, agricultural equipment and marine applications.
Food and Beverage Transfer Hose

Food and Beverage Transfer Hose

From Creamery/Packing, Washdown, PVC Braided Beverage transfer, food transfer and dry bulk transfer hose, Dunham Rubber has a broad range of available products to meet many of the food and beverage industries transport needs.

Please call customer service toll free 1-800-876-5340 to discuss your application needs.
Support Clamps, Protective Coil, Abrasion Sleeve and Firesleeve

Hose Protection Accessories and Support Clamps

We offer a wide range of products and accessories to protect and support hose in many industrial applications. These include hose support coil, protective coil sleeve and spring, plastic coil sleeve, nylon abrasion resistant sleeving, firesleeve, banding sleeve and neoprene coated support clamps to name a few.

Please contact us toll free at 1-800-876-5340 and talk to Customer Service or contact us via e-mail at mail@dunhamrubber.com
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