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Conveyor Belting and Mechanical Belt Lacing

We specialize in offering conveyor belting products for the Corrugated Industry, bakery and food applications, Automotive Applications and Aluminum Extruding Industry. Material Handling Belt is in stock and supplied for general conveying, incline/decline and packaging applications. PTFE coated fabrics and tapes are available for higher temperature applications and situations where excellent product release characteristics are required. We stock a wide range of PVC belting with various cover finishes for general industrial conveying applications. Positive drive urethane belting is available for industrial and food and packaging applications where clean ability and hygienic characteristics are of critical importance. Modular Plastic belting and chains for general product conveying is available and can be equipped with side guards, flights and can be perforated. Dunham Rubber and Belting distributes a wide range of power transmission products from many of the leading belt manufacturers in the world. We supply flat transmission belt, poly cord round belting, spindle tapes, reinforced and non-reinforced urethane belting, quick connect belting, traditional rubber v-belts and polyurethane timing belts just to name a few. We supply belting for tough industrial applications including: cutting lines, metal stamping plants, lumber mills, corrugated box and paper industry, and other applications where severe cutting, gouging and abrasion occurs.

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Bulk Conveyor Belting, Clipper and Flexco Lacing, Belt Products

Conveyor Belting

Dunham Rubber and Belting offers a broad range of products to meet your conveyor belt application requirements. We have been working with our customers meeting their needs and solving the most difficult problems since 1965.

We offer conveyor belting products for a wide range of applications including, but not limited to; General Conveying, Package handling, Food Processing, Grain and Elevator belts, Sand and Gravel, Hot Asphalt, Parcel and Letter distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Mining, Corrugated and Box Board Industries.

We offer a wide range of products from Industry Leading manufacturers from lightweight thermoplastic, solid plastic, lightweight rubber, non-woven, heavy black rubber, round belting, transmission belts and more.

Please contact our Customer Service specialist at mail@dunhamrubber.com or toll free 1-800-876-5340 today and we will provide the most effective and efficient solutions for all your product transfer requirements.

Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Dunham Rubber is a Flexible Steel Lacing Company or Flexco "Focus" distributor and a Clipper Lacing "Master" distributor. We have an extensive stock on the floor of many types and styles of mechanical lacing. Please contact us to discuss your particluar application needs.
belt conveyor

Conveyors, Pulley's, Idlers & Belt Cleaning Systems

Dunham Rubber has extensive knowledge in belting as well as the design and mechanics of conveyor systems. Please contact customer service at 800-876-5340 to discuss your application and system requirements.
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