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Commercial Vacuum and Carpet Cleaning Hoses

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Super Vac-U-Flex

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Vac-U-Flex TPE

Super Vac-U-Flex®


Vac-U-Flex® CMD


Vac-U-Flex® TPE

Vac-U-Flex TPU

Vac-U-Flex EH-L


Vac-U-Flex® TPU

Vac-U-Flex® EH-L Light Duty Vacuum Hose

Vac-U-Lok® Crush Resistant Vacuum Hose

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STM Vacuum Hose

Commercial Vacuum Hose

VH2000 Vacuum Hose


Genesis® STM Vacuum Hose


Genesis® Commercial Vacuum Application Hose


Flx Plus Vacuum Hose

Tiger Tail


Genesis® Flx Plus


Genesis® Tiger Tail®


Genesis® Uni-Loop


Vacuum Hose Cuffs

MRO General Pick-up Kit

Vacuum Hose Cuffs

Tool and Accessories