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Conveyor Belt Fasteners

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Clipper Wire Hook System

Light-Duty Belt Fasteners

Dunham Rubber & Belting maintains an extensive stock of Clipper light duty mechanical conveyor belt fasteners. The Clipper wire hook system has earned a reputation for continued innovation and proven performance. Mechanical lacing products are found in product distribution centers to food processing plants, general manufacturing, commercial laundry, hay baling and agricultural harvesting, wood products, recycling and filter media. We are able to respond to your day to day product needs as well as emergency situations that may arise. Products include Unibar fasteners, 36 series fasteners, carded hooks in various sizes, connecting pin and an array of lacing tools to assist in product installation.
Flexco BR Rivet Solid Plate System

Heavy-Duty Belt Fasteners

Flexco mechanical conveyor belt fastener products are in stock at Dunham Rubber & Belting. Flexco products set the industry's highest standards for design, ease of installation, and reliability. Flexco fastener systems available for light-duty applications include the Alligator Ready Set Staple Fasteners, Alligator Belt Lacing, Alligator Plastic Rivet Fasteners, Alligator Rivet and Alligator Spiral Lace. Fasteners systems for heavy duty applications, underground mining and agriculture include; Flexco bolt solid plate, Flexco rivet solid plate, Flexco bolt hinged, Flexco R2, Flexco rivet hinged and Flexco F Series. We offer a complete line of belt installation tools and accessories such as bolt breakers, boring bits, cracking chisels, wrenches, punches, templates, hinge pin and skivers.
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Accessory Lacing Items

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