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Bioflex Ultra--General Purpose Liner

Bioflex Ultra GP is the 'General Purpose' grade, for use in all applications where fluids or gases are being conveyed which do not generate a risk of static charge development.

Design and Approvals
Bioflex Ultra GP is a virgin PTFE liner, manufactured from hose grade PTFE which conforms to the requirements of:
FDA 21 CFR 177.1550; Bioflex Ultra GP hose liner has also been tested, and complies with USP Class VI at
37°C (99°F), 70°C (158°F), and at 121°C (250°F); Bioflex Ultra GP PTFE Liner Tubes have also been tested for Leachables and Extractables in accordance with BPSA recommendations, and were found to be satisfactory.

EC-Electrical Continuity
All Bioflex Ultra hose assemblies are electrically continuous, except TO grade hose assemblies. Electrical Continuity requires that the hose assembly supplied is electrically continuous, or conductive, between metal end fittings at each end of the hose.
The requirements for this are specified in the German Document BRG 132 and EN ISO 8031 Annex A, when tested in accordance with EN ISO 8031, which requires that the resistance between end fittings shall be <100 ohms per assembly. For hose assemblies which meet this requirement a Grade "M" marking can be applied in accordance with EN ISO 8031 Annex A if requested.
Grade TO (Tube Only) hose assemblies are not normally EC (Electrically Continuous), which means that the electrical resistance between end fittings will usually be more than 100 ohms. However, if EC or non-EC are specific requirements for the TO hose assembly, then it is possible to ensure either, but only if the requirement is discussed in detail at the enquiry stage.

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