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Available Fastener Metals

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For most applications, plated steel is the standard fastener material. Plating helps combat mild corrosion.

Note: The steel used for Flexco Bolt Solid Plate fasteners is not plated.


To resist corrosion due to mine water exposure or other chemical attack, RustAlloy is an excellent choice. It is a low-chrome stainless steel alloy available in the SR Hinged Rivet system.


Fasteners made from Promal are heat-treated, malleable castings. Top plates are manufactured from cast Promal and deliver abrasion resistance in corrosive environments such as coke and sinter operations. Bottom plates are manufactured from steel. Available in select sizes in some fastener families.


Copper and silicon alloy for use in grain elevators and other potentially explosive environments. Spark-free material compared to steel but fully non-magnetic. Also for belts with magnetic pulleys or separators.


Features superior resistance to wear and abrasion. Provides several times the service life of steel. Not recommended where impact or corrosion is a problem. Available in select sizes in some fastener families.

Stainless Steel

300 Series stainless steel, available in selected sizes, provides extra resistance to abrasion, magnetic attraction, and corrosion from acids and other chemicals.