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Industrial Conveyor Belting, Hydraulic Hose, Fitting and Sheet Rubber Products > Fume & Dust Control, Air Ventilation Hose and Duct  

Fume & Dust Control, Air Ventilation Hose and Duct

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R-3 Flexadux PV

General Purpose Hose and Ducting

General Purpose duct and hose consists of products made from PVC materials and double or single ply cotton and neoprene materials. Material handling and blower hose for light duty conveying of dust, woodchip and grass clippings. PA-EX Series hose for higher temperature applications and TD-S series hose which is excellent for applications where the hose is regularly dragged around from place to place. R Series hose for air, fume, dust and light duty material handling applications. Please contact customer service toll free 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your particular application requirements.
Master-Pur HH

Suction, Transport & Material Handling Hose

Plastic hoses and duct are used in a tremendous range of industrial applications; from dust collection, fume control, pellets and scrap transfer, leaf and woodchip collection, insulation blowing applications are just a sampling of some of the applications where plastic hoses are suitable.

The Master-Pur Series of hose including the durable Master-Pur Step FG and Master TPR L a versatile multipurpose hose for a wide range of process and applications are available in this section. Additionally, Series ARH, UFD-AP, CVD-AP and 333 Insulation Blowing hoses are also available and described within this section. Please call us at toll free 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com with questions regarding your specific application.
Master-Clip Vinyl

Suction & Blower Hoses for Air-Conditioning, Ventilation & Welding Fumes

Items within this section include utility blower hose and large volume air conditioning/ventilation hoses. Additionally, hoses for suction plants, tent heating, weld fume extraction and low pressure applications are also available within this section. Many varieties of material construction and end finishes are available including sewn ends, funnel cuff, belt loop and pull tab, enclosed belted cuff and more. Please call cutomer service at 1-800-876-5340 to discuss your specific application.
Master-Clip Viton

Medium & High Temperature Hose

Dunham Rubber offers a wide range of hoses and ducting capable of handling medium to higher temperature applications. This includes vehicle and engine construction applications, chemical plants, exhaust fume equipment, granule dryers, agressive media extraction, suction plants, paint spray extraction, aircraft and defense industry applications, see Master-Clip CAR for diesel engine fume exhaustion, U-lok 1500 for service up to 1500ºF for furnace construction.

Dunham Rubber works with a wide range of industries all around the world helping solve the toughest of application requirements. Please contact Customer Service at 800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your particular requirements.
Carflex Super

Gas & Fume Exhaust Hoses

Dunham Rubber offers a wide range of products for gas and fume removal and extraction. Options are available to cover a wide range of applications in a variety of operating conditions. For example the Carflex line of products is ideal for extraction of engine exhaust gases with temperatures that range up to 570ºF. This product is ideal for overhead hose reel applications in service garage environments or in slotted channels abovefloor or underfloor suction extraction operations. These systems draw harmful fumes and gasses out of the working environment, promoting worker safety. Other products in this section are designed for us in the ship building industry, furnace construction applications, infrared-dryer plants, iron and steel works, weld fume extraction and bulk handling technology appliacations. Please browse this section of products and contact Dunham Rubber at 800-876-5340 or via e-mail at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your application requirements.
RFH-W Drag Resistant Hose

RFH Series Hoses and Duct

    Hi-Tech Duravent RFH Series Hoses offer wider temperature range, have superior chemical resistance, better abrasion resistance, are versatile, have wearstrip capabilities, offer better UV, moisture and weathering resistance, have outstanding flex fatigue resistance, are air tight, will not set to shape of box when packed. Available in standard RFH, RFH-Plus, RFH-White, RFH-W, and RFH.045. RFH series hoses are used for chemical fume removal in computer chip manufacturing, fume control and cooling of electronic equipment, fume, dust control and ventilation in foundries, RFH-White for fresh air intake & ventilation in hospitals, fume, moisture and drying control in paper mills and dust & lint control in textile mills. These are just a ...
Bendway Plus

Flexible Metal Hose and Ducting

    Flexible metal duct for air, fume, dust and lightweight material handling applications. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your application requirements.
UFD-SD Specialty Service Hose

Special Service Hoses and Duct

    Dunham Rubber supplies hose and ducting for special service applications. Check out UFD-SD static dissipative ducting available in 2" to 12" I.D. which is ideal for CLEAN ROOMS, GRAIN DUST COLLECTION, POWDER & FLOUR HANDLING. Also see Dura-Flex "D" series Heater/Defroster hose as well as series HTR Heater - Defroster - A/C hose. Raceflex hose availalble in 1-1/2" through 3" and custom to 8" inside diameter is designed for brake ducting & ventilation in race cars.  Please contact us at 1-800-876-5340 or e-mail us at mail@dunhamrubber.com to discuss your application requirements.
Vac-u-flex TPU

Commercial Vacuum and Carpet Cleaning Hoses

    Hoses for industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners, ventilating or cooling industrial machinery, bilge pump hose, car wash systems, carpet cleaning and more.
    Hose in this category demonstrate some of the following characteristics; moisture resistant, uv/ozone resistant, oil resistant, fume removal, chemical resistant and drag resistant. Please consult this section of hoses and contact us at 1-800-876-5340 to discuss your particular application requirements.
Clip Grip Ducting Clamp

Ducting Clamps & Accessories

    Ducting bridge clamps and connectors are available accessories for most ducting applications. Please browse inside this category and contact us at 800-876-5340 with questions.
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